How to Activate CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer?

Step 1: Click “ Online Store ”
Step 2: Select Service Version according to your actual needs.
Step 3: Please Note: It can not changed it once the version is selected,please choose it carefully.
Note: About the activation,now there are choice you can choose:

1. Basic Version: After you activate,you can have one token everyday, just one token. And if you want to more tokens that day, you can pay for the tokens ( 5USD = 1 Point = 1 Token) ( 4 tokens one day at most) (If you do not use it always, you can choose Basic Version)

2. Advanced Version: After you activate,there has two free tokens everyday within 6 months from the day you activate it;​ after 6 months, will pay for the tokens, it is 10usd one month, have 60 tokens ( If you use it always, you can choose the Advanced Version)

Note: the Basic Version can changed to Advanced Version, but the Advanced Version can not be changed to Basic Version in the future.