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US SHIP [No Token No Annual Fee] 2023 MPM ECU TCU Chip Tuning Tool with Suite 4.10.4 from PCMTuner Team Best for American Car ECUs All in OBD

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5 2023 PCMtuner: MPM [No Token No Annual Fee] 2023 MPM ECU TCU Chip Tuning Tool with Suite 4.10.4 from PCMTuner Team Best for American Car ECUs All in OBD
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Product Description

  1. Stand-alone software and hardware.
  2. No Token, No Annual fee, No subscription.
  3. Have all GM protocols, OBD read ECM and TCM. All work in OBD, no need damaos for GM cars.
  4. With VCM Suite for the most comprehensive scanning, logging and calibration tools on the market.
MPM ECU TCU Chip Tuning Programming Tool

Burst Points
  • No Token, No Credit, No Annual fee, No subscription, No recharge, one-key update
  • Support American 4, 6, 8, 10 speed
  • Have all GM protocols, OBD read ECM and TCM. All work in OBD, no need damaos for GM cars.
  • Also supports tuner like road Scan.
  • New suite 4.10.4 stable, No need generator credit
  • Don't need any WinOLS, pcmtuner manage it, you can direct edit what you want, like speed, injection, spark angle etc.
  • Best for American Car ECUs: Buick, Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Dongle Ford Hummer Jeep Opel Saab
  • Software Free download
Editor: SCAN, LOG, DIAGNOSE. Adjust a multitude of parameters such as spark, fuel, RPM limits, fan temps and speeds, transmission shift points and pressures, exhaust valve control, speedometer settings and many more. Then, write these changes back to the vehicle’s various control modules. with calibrations loaded.
Scanner: READ, EDIT, WRITE. The most feature rich scan tool on the market. View, chart, and log diagnostic data in real time through the vehicle’s OBDII port. View vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s), configure fans, closed loop, gear select, timing, air fuel ratio and more in real time.

NOTE: Can not save it directly, read data, after the modifications, write the data back, after that, read it again, finally save the data (check write and save ecu without credits). 

Package including:
1pc x MPM host
1pc x USB cable
1pc x OBD cable
Optional Delicate Breakout Tricore Cable for Fgtech Mpps Kess V2

MPM ECU Chip List


  • Powerful User Interface Fastest most feature rich OBD scanning tool on the market
  • Variable Logging/Playback speeds or user controlled using the chart display
  • Export feature allows you to view/modify your file via Microsoft Excel (.CSV)
  • Customizable histograms
  • Histogram user defined filters
  • Histogram cell count filter
  • Printable histograms
  • Customizable gauge display
  • Customizable chart
  • Separate gauge and chart displays
  • Sensor based configuration support
  • Installs with default histograms loaded
  • Installs in ready-to-scan configuration
  • Installs with additional histograms
  • User defined PIDs with complex function support (Example)
  • MPIDS (Memory PIDs / Manufacturer Specific Parameters) supported
  • View and clear DTCs in just seconds (not supported on all vehicles)
  • View readiness test status (not supported on all vehicles)
  • Change histogram while scanning
  • Change charts while scanning
  • Change gauges while scanning
  • Change unit value while scanning
  • Change config files while scanning
  • Copy/Paste special between VCM Scanner and VCM Editor
  • User inputted markers and comments
  • Log comment section to give commentary for future viewing
  • VCM Controls for multiple vehicle manufactures
  • Case Learn Feature


  • Faster read time of most VCM/PCMs.
  • Faster write most VCM/PCMs in 30 seconds.
  • Automated VCM/PCM recovery protection (not supported on all vehicles)
  • Seamless recovery after complete power down and communications break(exception for rewrite entire)
  • Obtain the VCM/PCMs calibration information and ID numbers
  • Calibration reflash (not supported on all vehicles)
  • Full reflash
  • VIN block reflash / change (not supported on all vehicles)
  • Explorer style navigation
  • Tab style navigation (tree optional)
  • Undockable explorer navigator window
  • Customizable favorites list which allows you to jump to frequently changed parameters (Example)
  • Countless editable parameters
  • Open multiple tables at once
  • Save/Print/Load individual Tables
  • Individually save tables/maps to txt format
  • Table smoothing
  • Table vertical and horizontal specific smoothing
  • Table interpolating
  • 2D Graph click and drag editing
  • 3D Graph click and drag editing
  • Simple +/- key cell adjustments
  • 1 click copy/paste of tables
  • Right click copy/paste/undo
  • Right click unit adjustments
  • Compare files with different OS ID’s
  • Tree style compare logs
  • Easy to use color system when in compare mode
  • Calibration Details section to list vehicle details
  • Tree style Change log
  • Tree style History log
  • Change log and History log parameter hyperlinks
  • PCM DTC List
  • Custom operating systems (VCM Enhancements)
  • 1 Bar Speed Density Enhanced (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)
  • 2 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)
  • 5 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen4 V8 only)
  • 3 Bar Speed Density (GM Gen3 V8 and GM 4.3 V6 only)
  • Built in unit conversion
  • Built in calculator
What is MPM ECU TCU Chip Tuning Programming Tool?

MPM VCM Editor


How to Install and Activate MPM ECU Tuning Software?

Tech Support

New MPM ECU Tuning tool software can be controlled by PCMTuner application. Here is the guide on MPM ecu tuning software download, installation and activation.


Software version:

VCM Suite V4.10.4
Operating system: Windows 7/Windows 10


Download MPM ECU Tuning Software

1. Open the website (www.tuner-box.com) to download the MPM software (you need to enter your email and mobile phone number when downloading the software).
2. After downloading the MPM software, extract it to the C drive (the computer needs to turn off the antivirus software)
3. Connect the MPM device to the computer with a USB cable and install the driver (there are two “HP M-P-V-I”, both must be installed)

4. MPM.exe sends a shortcut icon to the desktop, please run it and send the Hardware ID to the seller for activation, and the seller will return the activation code to you within 24 hours.
5. After MPM is activated, enter the software, click Help -> M-P-V-I Application Keys and enter the “vcm key” to activate the software license.

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